Saturday, August 20, 2016

The only unlimited Independent I've ever completed

I have never been much into independent comics. I like a large universe with a long history, something that can be totally immersive, and most independent comics don't last all that long and are not part of a larger universe. I like stability in comics. If my records are correct- and there is a decent chance they might not be- the most I have of any other independent title is 10 issues. That's not a lot.

In fact, while I do page through the other publishers in Previews on a monthly basis, I generally don't take on any new titles even if they look interesting to me. Partly it's because of what I say above, partly it's because I don't buy my own comics and I don't want to make the family member who does buy them for me spend any more money on me. Also, since we have to order months in advance, I would hate to order several issues of something and not liking it, thus wasting money and storage space.

But for licensed comics, I will take them on from time to time. The last one I took on was the Garfield series from Boom! Studios. It ran for 36 issues, and I got them each monthly as they came out.
They never said it was the final issue, they just stopped showing up in Previews.

Here are all 36 covers...

Overall, the series may not have been as laugh out loud funny as the newspaper strips usually are, but I still looked forward to reading it every month.

In the last shipment of comics that came was the 2016 Special, which was pretty much just another issue in the series.
I hope that they do more specials in the future. As I say, I do enjoy reading them and each issues does provide a laugh.

Even though the series may have ended, it's still an accomplishment for me to have completed the series, making it the only one in my collection (for now). Thanks for reading!

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  1. I enjoyed seeing all of those covers. I think my favorite was the fireman coming to rescue Garfield in the tree.