Friday, August 26, 2016

Reading List 8/25/2016

Another day of reading comics, this time I finished the month of February 2011. I only had 4 books left, and read them all in one reading session.

Green Lantern/Plastic Man Weapons of Mass Deception. A very bizarre issue...where GL and Plas team up to fight...evil space ducks. Really. This is in the running for strangest book in the entire 1975-2011 reading project.
Batman : Orphans #1 & 2. A two issue mini-series. Forgettable, with art by one of my least favorite artists. The one good thing is the many references paid to past continuity. Introduces a lot of characters who (spoiler alert- highlight to read) don't survive the series. The artwork is so muddled that you can't tell who is who or what is going on for much of it.
Flash #8. Last book of the month. More messing with continuity, which I don't like. However, this issue at least explains it, in story, not just the writer being clueless and making mistakes as most continuity problems stem from.

After I finished them, I got some of the GI Combat out that I purchased at the show last month, and read three of them. As these comics are actually mine, they got scanned.
 #136 is my second oldest issue of the title, from 1969. My oldest is #130 which I have not read yet.
 #156 is from 1972
 And finally #174 from 1974.  These are my 2nd through 4th oldest issues of the title.

Interestingly all three carry a different DC logo, too.

I really can't stand the superhero comics from 1968-72 (generally) but it seams the preachy crap that afflicted the super heroes didn't get the military comics as much. I'm very glad of that!