Monday, August 29, 2016

Reading List 8/28/2016

I had a busy day yesterday but still managed to fit in more than a few comics.  Once again, all from March 2011.

Red Robin #19. This was really an excellent series.
Birds of Prey #8.
Justice League Generation Lost #17
Justice League Generation Lost #18
Brightest Day #17
Brightest Day #18
Justice League of America #53. The storyline finally ends! It really dragged on, I had been ready for it to end for a while now.

After I read these comics, we went to a cousin's 1st birthday party...which, by that point, I had already had a large number of comics read to me...which makes me feel kind of old. More than 30 years later I have no idea how many or which comics it was, but I'm still in the hobby, so it must have "stuck".

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