Sunday, August 28, 2016

Reading List 8/27/2016

Did a bit more reading today than yesterday.

Batgirl #17. OK issue. Never cared much for Stephanie Brown or Damian Wayne.
Detective Comics #873. 
Batman Beyond #1. The Batman Beyond series were actually all pretty good.
Shazam #1. My favorite super hero is Captain Marvel, (and the whole Marvel family, really!) and DC really did nothing good for them from about 2005 on. At the time of this one-shot Captain Marvel Jr. is the only one with powers.
Jonah Hex #63. Another issue where they just published an issue to publish an issue- as they pretty much all were by this point. There's no real structure or continuity in the series anymore.
Freedom Fighters #5. They actually blundered Miss America's costume on the cover.
Secret Six #29. Gail Simone is one of my favorite writers, and her talent really shines with the Six. The continuation of the Action Comics crossover I read recently.
Wonder Girl #1. Another one shot. There were quite a few this month. First appearance of Solstice in costume. She was supposed to be the next major addition to the Teen Titans but that all ended when all continuity was thrown away for the New 52.

 I also watched the X2 Movie on DVD. We got it new and it was still factory sealed until I opened it to watch it that day.

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