Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Illustrated Reading List 9/20/16

Read 4 comics today, all military comics. 2 from Charlton and two from DC.

In both cases I read the newer issue first, not checking the issue number at the time of reading.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Illustrated Reading List 9/19/16

Another light day with only three comics read. Too much time spent messing around on my phone/tablet!
Drag-Strip Hotrodders #2 was first, and was the second and final car comic I got from this trip.
After that came two really rather low grade Fightin' Marines from Charlton, but considering I paid 50 cents per issue, I don't mind.

I actually read #100 first, and I have one more issue from the series left to read.

Illustrated Reading List 9/18/16

A very light day. I read only two comics.

First was the final issue of the Epic Battles of the Civil War series.
Next came Drag N' Wheels #30, the first new car comic I had read in many years.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Illustrated Reading List 9/17/16 (Scans!)

Anther day working on the group of classic comics I purchased this past Sunday.
 Fightin' Army #91
GI Combat #163

Next, I moved back in history with some comics I was surprised to find at Fort William Henry's gift shop. It's a four issue series from Historical Souvenir Co. with Marvel Comics. I got all 4 but only read the first three as of right now.

Friday, September 16, 2016

A great week of reading new Vintage comics! Scans! (Reading List 9/11-9/16)

Finally got my scans of what I've read, so I can finally make this post. On Sunday, September 11th, I visited my favorite comic shop...which I had not been to in over a decade!

It was just as good if not better than it was when last I visited, but this time it was different...this time I was shopping for myself. I got Golden Age books. I got Silver age books. I got my first Quality comic. I bought my first Marvel comic since 2001. (Coincidentally, the September 11th tribute) I completed a project I hadn't even gotten a chance to post about yet! I got comics from series and publishers I never heard of before!

I ended up getting 39 comics, and as I planned to do when I got into my collection, which I have not seen since 2002, I am scanning them after I finish reading them.

From 9/11-
War Adventures #1. Atlas Comics, which is Marvel. The pages of this issue are VERY brittle, and starting to disintegrate.

From 9/11 and 9/12-
Thrilling Adventures in Stamps #2. Also known as Stamp Comics. (The title that appears in the indica). I really enjoyed this, it ran for 8 issues from 1951-53. I will be looking for the other seven.

From 9/13-
GI Combat #32. My first Quality comic. It was actually of lower quality than the DC version of the title, which began in January 1957 when DC bought out Quality.

The World Around Us was a spinoff from Classics Illustrated, and I really enjoyed reading them.

From 9/14-
Zoot Comics, from Fox Features Syndicate, completed the project I never got a chance to post about. With this title, I now have a comic series not from DC or Marvel that starts with every letter of the alphabet! Z is not a popular letter to start with, especially as I didn't want anything with zombies. This issue dates to 1948, and is the final issue of Zoot. The series was renamed Rulah and ran until 1953, the final 3 issues being renamed again and featuring Western tv shows. Really enjoyable issue, and not just for the art. The cover has nothing at all to do with the contents, the red-haired girl does not appear in the book.
 Amazingly, the first issue of Classics Illustrated I've ever read. I have one in the collection that my dad got when new, which I now have, but I've never read it. I will.
 From 1980, this was the newest issue I purchased. My first from this series.

The final 2 issue I got of The World Around Us. It ran for 57 issues. Each issue is 80 pages.

From 9/15- the Unknown Soldier above may be from 9/15 as well, I don't remember exactly the order I read them in.
 Fightin' Marines #132. This was the longest running series in Charlton history, running for 163 issues. I'm a big Charlton fan. My first issue of this title.
 My first issue of this title.

Both are issue #28, a total coincidence as Charlton usually didn't bother to put the number on the cover at this time.

From today, 9/16- I only read two comics.
 Fightin' Army was the second longest Charlton series, running 157 issues. this is #83. It's not in as great a shape as some of the other books but the story is all there, and once you get past page 1 there is no real damage.
Issue #30 of the Air Force comic.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Reading List 9/2/16

I just realized that I never posted my last Reading List! I took a small break to catch up on some magazines I've been down on- for instance Hemmings Classic Car, I was 9 months down on...pretty much every magazine I am behind at least a couple of issues on. So I am working on the backlog. I finished the month of March 2011 comics on September 2nd, and never posted them, so here they are:

Azrael #16
Batman Confidential #52
Batman & Robin #19
Batman #706
Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #6
Green Lantern #62
Green Lantern Corps #56

It will probably be a few weeks before I get back to reading comics.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

First comic shipment since Blog's launch!

Today the first comic order since I began Comic Book History arrived. I am reading the fewest number of current comics now than any other time in my life, pretty soon I will be down to 3 new comics a month. Yikes.

These were only 5 this month.  Darth Vader is cancelled after #25, a real shame as it's been the best Star Wars since Disneyfication. Han Solo is only a miniseries, 5 issues. It's not bad, but there's very little depth to it...

This is the order they came out of the box and the order I read them in.

I also got my second issue of Alter Ego and my first of Back Issue, I am looking forward to reading them!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Reading List 9/1/2016

I didn't read any comics for the past two days.  Sometimes that happens, where I will go days or even weeks without reading any.

All March 2011 books.

Read some today, though!
Batman Incorporated #3
Supergirl #60
Superboy #3.
Batman Streets of Gotham #19
Steel #1. Kicking off the Reign of Doomsday storyline, which was pretty decent if I remember correctly.
Action Comics #897
Superman #707
Green Arrow #8
Knight & Squire #4 

I might finish March 2011 tomorrow, after which I will be taking a short break to catch up on some magazines I am backlogged on.