Tuesday, October 25, 2016

GI Joe #101-150

I haven't been reading any comics lately, got some history books from the local library, and since I have to give them back they take precedence. I got two WWII books for my birthday on the 18th and am not reading them before I move back into comics. Even though I don't have any Reading Lists to posts, I can still work on my GI Joe series...

The third installment brings it up almost to the end of the Marvel run. The quality really dips near the end of the series, including the travesty of the Transformers "crossover", in reality, a 4-issue Transformers story with GI Joe characters in the GI Joe comic. I loathe these and do not read them when I reread the series.

 I really hate this story line. In the letter pages, people had been complaining that "it's a war book, yet nobody really gets hurt" so most of the characters on this cover were killed off just for the sake of killing characters. The series never really recovered in my opnion, even though most of them were not used particularly often.

The next installment will conclude the Marvel run and begin, after a more than decade long break, the IDW run which picks up the same continuity and numbering.