Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Some new back issue additions

Saw a little shop and stopped in. Packed full of stuff, but mostly stuff I wasn't looking for. Still, I managed to find a few.

 Fightin' Marines #105. The only military comic I found in the entire store, not counting a few GI Joe which I already had. The area by the All in All-New was folded down, I thought it was missing a chunk of the cover when I bought it. Instead, it was there. At least mostly. I didn't mind it being missing so I viewed it as a bonus that it was actually there.

Famous cover. Story's kind of simple. Later became part of the DC Universe.
 Got it for the blue foil. I've always loved "special covers" and will pick them up when I see them in the cheap bins. I have not read this one yet.
 Cover is embossed and has silver foil. Did not enjoy it, but didn't expect to. I don't care for John Byrne's writing or art.
 All silver foil and embossed. Actually not a bad story. First Valiant comic I've ever read. Might pick up more if I see them cheap. Ran for 65 issues, this is #25. Condition is not that great due to it being loose in the dollar bin, no bag. I don't care.
I was surprised to find this one in the dollar bin. Most everything else was from roughly 1989 or later (all the way up to New 52 crap) but this book, from 1977. which is in pretty good shape was an outlier. I love the pre-Crisis Legion so I had to get it even though the story is not new to me...this is actually MY copy, instead of just one I have access to.

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