Thursday, April 13, 2017


Today I hit 7500 comics in my collection. It has been a lifetime- I began in this hobby on 10/23/1984, I was 5 days old. Although my collection is "only" 7500 comics, I do have access to read a collection about double the size of that...they aren't mine, but I can read them.
Here is a breakdown of my collection, screencapped from Excel. The columns labeled "new" tell how many I got since the last update...there have been several updates since then but I didn't delete them because I enjoy seeing the numbers. The 734 update was everything new from 2004-10. The 718 was from 2010-15. during that time I was collecting the Green Lantern titles from DC which padded the number.

This was book #7500:
Simpsons Comics #238. I am three away from completing this series, something I hope might happen in 2017. One of them was just a few months ago when I forgot to place the monthly comic order. Duh...

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