Friday, April 14, 2017

Scan Catchup- Golden Age

I've been slacking on my scans. I had been trying to scan them as I read them, but then I would forget, and then I would forget what had been scanned and not scanned. This has been going on since roughly September. Yesterday I finally got everything pulled together, updated my collection charts, and determined what needed scans and what didn't. In the process, I found an issue of GI Combat that I missed reading, which is good. What's not good, and which I had forgotten, is that I forgot to order a month's worth of books. I ended up missing an issue of all 4 of the current titles I read. DUH! I will get them at some point. For now, enjoy the first of several posts worth of scans that I had to play catch-up on. All of these comics in this series of posts have entered my collection in 2016 or 2017.

Golden Age Captain Marvel is some of my favorites. I've read the archives but I only began adding the real things to my collection in 2015. I picked up these two in September.

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