Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A lifelong Dream come true, a comic from the 1930s!

If you've been reading my posts for a while, you know I've been in this hobby since I was 5 days old. I've always dreamed of owning a comic from the 1930s, but it always seemed like an impossible dream. DC Comics from the 1930s are expensive...not to mention rare. The ones that I've been able to find for sale are above what I can afford, by a wide margin.

A few weeks ago I was messing around on my tablet and discovered that it came with an Ebay app built in. I've had it since September but I didn't discover that until April. I got to looking around in comics and found my way to sorting by the decade. I naturally checked the 1930s, without expecting anything in my price range, but I still wanted to look. But...I was shocked to see, there WAS something I could afford! It wasn't DC, but it Was 1930s! Finally, today, it arrived!
Cover dated February, 1939, is Famous Funnies #55. It is my first issue of the title, and my first comic from Eastern Color- I think.
It predates my oldest comic by about a year, although since I have not had my collection out since 2002, I don't remember the exact age of my oldest comic previously, an Archie book.
It's not DC, which is what I've always imagined,'s 1939! And It's mine!!
It smells awful, but I kind of expected that as the water damage was known to me from the auction.

The condition and the fact that it's not a super hero comic meant I was able to add this to my collection for only...get this....$20!

What a shock, what a thrill! I do plan to read it, but it might have to be in small doses, due to the smell. The mail just got here about 2 hours ago so the "high" is still very fresh.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Cool.
    RE: The Smell: I'm not sure what the best remedy is but an internet search can find various ways of getting rid of odorous collectibles (searching for how to remove odors from cards would work just as well for comics since they are basically the same materials). Most of the remedies say they work for the dreaded stank from smoke maybe some work for water damage smell.